The Brave is Columbus bound

In total we collected $9090.00

We ask for you all to assist us on our journey to Columbus to help us make some noise around the club hockey community. The Brave would be nothing without the love and support of friends and family, so we ask you all to lend a hand in making this dream a reality.

Donate Now

Donate Now

Student run, student funded

The Brave is
Nationals bound!

Only after 5 years of existence, Quinnipiac University’s unaffiliated club ice hockey team, The Brave Hockey Club, has earned a bid to the National Tournament in Columbus, Ohio.

We Need $15,000

After having to turn down the opportunity last year due to a lack of funding, we are asking for any donations to help us get there.

We have $9,090

Each one of our players pays a fixed due at the beginning of the year, but because Nationals is a big question mark coming into the season, we did not budget for it.

Our Goal: $15,000 Days until nationals: 0

Why Not Go Fund Me?

We chose not to use Go Fund Me for nationals fundraising as they charge transaction fees we deemed unreasonably high. Additionally, Go Fund Me only releases payments once a month which would have caused too much of a delay to be beneficial.

The payment processing service we used instead is called Stripe and they handle credit card transaction for a fraction of Go Fund Me's fee.

Having Trouble?

A handful of users have reported during checkout while using chrome on a desktop computer. If you encounter an error screen try using Safari, Internet Explorer or a mobile device

We apologize for any inconvenience and are actively working to resolve this issue. Feel free to reach out our president Brandon Vattima if you experience with any issues.

Prefer Venmo?

If you would to prefer to donate through the venmo app you can send payments to @bravehockey.