The Brave Hockey Club

No Nationals – The Road to Affiliation for the Brave Hockey Club

On behalf of the Quinnipiac University’s Brave Hockey Club, we would like to express our apologies for not being able to compete in the 2016-2017’s Regional and National Championships. Due to the financial strain of being an unaffiliated and unfunded Quinnipiac sport, the team is unable to remain competitive through mid-march to compete in club hockey nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Of all the difficulties that arose over the last several months, the financial strife that plagues the organization every year proved to be our biggest shortcoming once again.

The Brave Hockey club is a student ran and student funded organization comprised of students that are enrolled at the University. Coming into this year we were under the impression that the school may recognize us as a club sport, but having a relatively new athletic director (Greg Amodio) halted the affiliation process. With that being said, no additional subsidy from the school was provided for a fifth straight year. The fixed price that each of our 27 players paid at the beginning of the year will simply not be enough to fund a trip to Pennsylvania or Ohio, let alone fund additional weeks of practice.

We don’t intend for this letter to leave a bad taste in the mouths of the ACHA, but more-so to express our sincerest apologies. We can’t explain how fortunate we are to be given the opportunity to play in The Empire Hockey Conference as well as being recognized as a legitimate club by the ACHA. The only thing we are missing is recognition from our school. This perpetual battle with affiliation has been looming in the back of our board member’s head for the last several years. Frankly, at this point in the organization’s career, affiliation should be the last thing that keeps us from succeeding. We are a part of one of the most dominant leagues in all of Division III. We have recognition from the American College Hockey Association… but our jerseys still have a native American head on the front, and not a Bobcat.

Regionals is not the issue; where the issue would come is if we head to York, PA and win two games at regionals knowing that we can’t fund a four-day trip to Ohio. It’s simply not feasible for each individual member of the team to shell out another $300-$400 dollars. It’s not worth the risk to go to regionals in York, PA knowing that if we win two games, we won’t be able to afford the trip to Columbus. This mindset all comes back to ensuring that we stay in the good graces of the ACHA.

It’s genuinely difficult for us to be competitive having such a budget constraint. We deal with adversity that I can ensure no other team has dealt with at this level. We only have one practice a week, we carpool to every single away game. There are many other hardships that we face, but the financial burden that we cope with every season makes it nearly impossible for our team to reach that next echelon. As a growing hockey school with enormous financial resources, I feel that the affiliation process is in the near future, but until then, Quinnipiac’s Brave Hockey Club will not be able to reach its full potential. #RollBrave


President: Jake Healey (2017)
Vice President: Stephen Neal (2018)
Treasurer: Peter Beckwermert (2018)
Secretary: Brandon Vattima (2019)

Let Quinnipiac know you want them to #LegalizeClubSports

Click the link to email the Quinnipiac Athletic department and tell them they need to recognize club sports!

About The Contributers

Brandon Vattima

Author - Class of 2019

Stephen Neal

Editor - Class of 2018

Taylor Chelo

Photographer - Class of 2017

Peter Beckwermert

Photographer - Parent

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